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1、概述 General introduction本产品用于交流电力系统中,串联在金属氧化物避雷器下面。是用来记录避雷器动作次数,监测避雷器泄漏电流的一种装置。JCQ series Online Monitor records the times of the surge arrester’s actions and monitors the arrester’s leakage current, that is in series of the surge arrester...



1、概述 General introduction


JCQ series Online Monitor records the times of the surge arrester’s actions and monitors the arrester’s leakage current, that is in series of the surge arrester in a.c. system.


The interior of the products uses the outstanding non-linear metal oxide resistance to take the pressure, has lots of merits such as the movement keenly and reliable, the current withstand to be big, the Operating voltage rating scope is broad, demonstrated clear obvious, contour elegant appearance, seal good and so on . is suitable especially for the ultrahigh voltage and large capacity power system and the local that strong electricity, the multi-thunder and the frequent action.


Using condition of this product is the same as surge arrester.

2、产品主要技术参数 Main technology parameters



3 产品外形安装尺寸图 Outline installation and dimension


4 用户须知 User notice

JCQ 系列在线监测器在投入运行前或运行 1~2 年后,应进行检测,检测的项目及方法如下:

The JCQ series Online Monitor should be monitored before running or after for 1~2 years, items and ways are as following:

① 用万用表测量在线监测器高压出线端对地之间的直流电阻,不应有短路、断路、接触不良现象。

Measure the D.C. resistance of the Instrument between the H.V. lead terminal and the earth with multimeter, should not exist the tendency conditions: short circuit, open circuit and the ill contact.

② 用 500V 摇表对 600V、10μF 电容器充电,用充电后的电容器对在线监测器放电,计数器应动作一次,同时在线监测器的电流表应向最大方向摆动一次。对于在线监测器应连续试验 10 次,均能正确可靠动


The capacitor for 600V 10μF is charged up by megohm table for 500V, after discharging electricity to the Instrument, the Instrument should act one time, and the amperemeter should move one time. When the counter are tested continuously ten times, acting rightly and reliably, the product is thought that the performance of action is well. Or, it needs examining and repairing.

③ 检修时,先用导线将避雷器接地端可靠接地,才能拆下在线监测器。

When examining and repairing the Instrument ,ground firstly reliably with the wires, and take down it.

④ 参照本产品外形安装尺寸图进行安装,在线监测器串联在避雷器与地之间。

Referring to mounting dimension drawings and mounting, the Instrument is in series between surge arrester and the earth.

 a. 安装时,将在线监测器的法兰用 M10×30 的螺栓固定在避雷器底座附近便于观察的平视位置上,作为接地端。高压出线端与避雷器连接。

 When installs, The flange of the Instrument is fixed by the bolts for M10×30 nearby the pedestal observed easily level, which is as the earth. The H.V. terminal and surge arrester are linked.

b. 安装时,该产品的高压端引线拉力不大于 10kg,涂有红漆的螺栓、螺母不得松动,以防破坏密封。

 When mounted, the pull of the H.V. terminal down-lead is not more than 10㎏. Bolts and nuts with red can not become flexible, avoiding to destroy the airproofing.

c. 安装后检查在线监测器,不应有明显的倾斜。

 Inspect the Instrument after mounting, can not incline obviously.

⑤ 用户在订货时请按照标准写清型号。如有特殊要求,请详细提出。

 Please write the types distinctly according to the standard, when users place an order. Bring forward in detail, if having especial request.

⑥ 产品自发货之日起,两年内因质量问题而不能使用,我公司负责更换或维修。

Our company will replace or repair, if no using because of trouble of the quality in two years from consigning day.

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